3 Great Plug-ins You’ll find in Logic Pro X

Logic pro has for a long time been one of the industry standards as far as DAWs (digital audio workstations) It has one of the biggest copyright free sound packs available in the market, arguably the most user-friendly interface, the fantastic flex-time editor and a hugely impressive selection of built in audio editing plug-ins. For a producer/composer Logic X is an absolute dream, the almost infinite amount of customisable sounds, effects and instruments means that you can truly experiment with your productions and creations with realistic sounding samples and easy-to-use editors. I wanted to compile a list of what I believe to be the best ‘in built’ plug ins available in Logic Pro X (some of which may you may have missed.)

1. Space Designer – The Space Designer reverb plug in is truly one of my favourite Logic plug ins. It comes with a great number of inbuilt impulse responses organized by building size and scale as well as some fantastic whacky experimental reverbs to play with. When you first load the plug in it will open with a default reverb and you will easily see how you can adjust the size, equalization and the dry/wet feed of the reverb, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this amazing plug in. Within Space Designer you can create your own ambient drone tones from the simplest sample of a kick drum or a simple tonal sweep, you can pitch the drone, add pre-delay, change the sample rate and EQ the sound however you want. You can multi track the reverbs affecting one to another in a chain and possibly even create a whole piece of music just using this one plug in. Next time you use reverb in Logic Pro remember you can do a lot more than just add a little space to your mix.

2. Vocal Transformer – Dressed as a basic pitch editing plug in you would be forgiven for thinking the Vocal Transformer is little more than an amusing way to create robot or chipmunk voices. Using the Vocal Editor in a chain of plug ins can allow you to create some really unique and interesting sounds and sonically help you build you mix. Combining this plug in with a pitch of +12/24 post a heavy reverb and then sliding the mix slider to ¾ will give you a really great sonic effect akin to some of those head on Radiohead/Porcupine Tree records. You can use the robotise function to make cool sounding rhythm patterns, or even on a live drum kit, try adding a robotized pitch to your tom tracks and see what cool sounds you can come out with.

Exciter – A plug in you often see added (usually muted) to Logic’s in built mastering pre-sets this little plug in can help you mix a lot more than just adding that 9K sparkle. The Exciter adds/boosts a set frequency peak and uis often used to make your overall mix sound a little brighter but, there are a lot of other ways this plug in can be utilized. Try using this plug in on mid-range sounds such as guitars or keyboards, you can use it to cut highs and embellish these mid-range of the instrument allowing other instruments more space in the mix. You can also try the same approach to get a clearer separation between drums on a bleed-heavy drum track. This plug-in is especially effective on cymbals, try adding it to your high-hat or overhead tracks and see how you can create some great separation between those frequencies to maker your mix really sparkl