Since 2012 Ben has featured on over 12 studio released albums, singles, EPs and splits as either a bassist, guitarist or producer. Following this long journey of collaborations in recent years Ben has been releasing solo work focusing on jazz, blues and folk music for the acoustic guitar.

Extended Play 'Music Without Words' was a 2018 five track release consisting of a mix of Greek inspired folk guitar and acoustic music. Tracks from this release have since been featured on Mediterranean music compilations and are heard in coffee shops and restaurants around the world.

'Minus Six' was a follow-up EP released in 2019 focusing on a more gypsy jazz oriented sound whilst keeping elements of traditional and folk guitar.

'Recent Releases' is a compilation of recent single releases focusing on a more jazz orientated sound, some of these tracks include full band arrangements complete with horn and string sections.

Stream the recent releases here for free, all singles and EP's are available on the iTunes Store, Apple Music, Xiami, QQ, Tencent Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.