About Ben Martin


Ben Martin is a musician, instrument teacher, producer, composer and performer from London, United Kingdom. In 2012 Ben graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a BA Hons degree in Creative Music Production. Ben then began composing and producing music for adverts, videos, short films and new media whilst working for UK instrument tuition companies such as the Rock and Pop Foundation, Rock Jams and the Guitar Academy as well as touring the UK in various bands. During this time Ben also had appearances on around 9 studio released albums as a bassist and guitarist in a wide range of genres. Ben maintained a solid private tuition practice in the UK and expanded his reach to worldwide students teaching online through his website. Through 2017 - 2021, Ben spent 5 years living in Shanghai, China, where he produced tuition courses for both the Chinese and international market, performed solo and ensemble shows and taught at several schools and music academies. A registered guitar tutor with the London College of Music, Ben now teaches for Hogan Music in West Berkshire. 



Ben Martin has taught guitar, bass guitar, drums, ukulele and music theory since 2012 for companies in the UK, the USA and China. An expert in teaching guitar and teaching concept development, he has also published E-books on the subject of guitar/music tuition. He has developed online courses in guitar tuition and music theory for both the Chinese and international market.


Ben believes in a wholly practical approach to music tuition and encourages a strong emphasis on student performance, progression and stylistic development. Ben believes that for every student to reach their full potential in any instrument, they first need to learn to develop a passion for the practice and progression model of repetitive learning, meaning they need to be guided correctly in how to structure their approach so they can see and hear the results as quickly as possible. His approach has helped him attain a 100% exam pass rate for his students in RockSchool, Trinity, ABRSM and RGT syllabuses. 

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Ben Martin specializes in guitar and bass guitar and has played on over 9 studio recordings spanning across many different genres and countries. His discography includes playing/writing credits on albums by London based Rock outfits Ventenner, 7st Baby and Static Plan, Classical/European folk music solo releases, appearances on Heavy Metal band Exquisite Ending’s initial releases as well as recent compilation releases and tuition  tracks. Ben previously held endorsements with Boss, Peavey and was featured in Bass Guitar Magazine in 2014. Ben now records in a range of genres from European and Middle Eastern traditional music to Gypsy Jazz to Blues and Folk and continues to perform live around China.

Composer & Producer

Since graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in the UK with a BA hons degree in Creative Music Production, Ben Martin has been producing and composing music for around 10 years. His music has featured on various internet adverts, short movies, corporate videos and television. Ben continues to work as a composer and regularly produces music for video, media, short films, adverts and trailers.


His ability to compose across a wide range of genres enable him to combine an eclectic mix of sounds and skills to fit a variety of briefs, including classical, soundscape, cinematic, jazz, atmospheric, contemporary rock and pop and world music. Ben's past clients include:


  • Gaffney Cline

  • Atos Origin

  • Weir Minerals

  • TMP Productions

  • Video Dynamics

  • Thompson Local (iPhone App)

  • Gold well

  • Auto- Mate (short film)

  • Caterpillar

  • and many others…